Professor Nigel Eastman

MD BSc(Econ) Barrister FRCPsych

Emeritus Professor of Law and Ethics in Psychiatry, Honorary Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, St George’s University of London

Nigel Eastman died in February 2022. He founded Forensic Psychiatry Chambers and his biography has been left here in recognition of his unique and extensive contribution to forensic psychiatry and this Chambers.

Nigel Eastman is both medically and legally qualified, having been called to the Bar in Gray’s Inn. He has researched and published widely on law and psychiatry, and has advised the Law Commission, also government, given evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees, and been an expert member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office International Death Penalty Panel.  He has pursued a career interest in enhancing the understanding of psychiatry by lawyers and judges, and of law by doctors; including through lecturing to the Judicial College for England and Wales, as well as training the judiciary of other jurisdictions, and through publishing, with others, handbooks and other educational materials directed internationally at judges, lawyers and clinicians.

He has extensive experience of acting as an expert witness in both criminal and civil litigation, for both sides, at all levels in the UK jurisdictions, as well as other jurisdictions; including in relation to approximately 500 murder cases and a number of major extradition cases, such cases having often been high profile in nature. He has, for twenty years, assessed, pro bono, many ‘death row’ appellants in Commonwealth jurisdictions for the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.